Ways to deal with cold in the right way for effective relief

When our airways become infected with a virus like a cold or the flu, our immune system responds by sending cells to the scene to combat the inflammation that is causing the symptoms. Sore throat and cough are alleviated because of a decrease in inflammation in the airway’s cells. Over-the-counter medications may help alleviate symptoms or reduce their length, but they cannot provide a cure. One other option is to go the organic route hence it is very important to use the right medication along with effective home remedies.

The easiest way to get rid of a cold without much effort is to take the best cold tablets available in your nearby pharmacy. But because it is not possible to always take a tablet as the first resort you can try a variety of home remedies that will help alleviate the sickness.

These are a few tips you can follow to help with your cold-

regularly and properly blow your nose to reduce the feeling of a stuffy nose-

When you have a cold, you should blow your nose frequently instead of sniffling the mucus back into your head. But if you blow too hard, you risk damaging your ears. To clean your nose effectively, press a finger over one nostril and softly blow through the other. You should always clean your hands after using a tissue to blow your nose.

Take a good tablet that will help reduce the cold-

Taking a good cough and cold tablet will not only aid in the reduction of your illness but will also come in handy when you are not at home or have no other means of alleviating your symptoms. The tablet will ease stuffiness in the nasal passages and allow for easier breathing.

Always gargle –

Some people find that gargling helps soothe a sore throat by keeping the airway moist. Try taking one teaspoon of salt diluted in four glasses of warm water four times daily. Gargling with tea can help relieve the tickle in your throat by constricting the membranes that are causing the irritation. Alternately, you might combine one teaspoon of honey with two cups of lemon juice steeped in hot water. Gargle only once the fluid has cooled to normal temperature.

Take a good amount of rest and sleep well-

When you first feel the onset of a cold or the flu, it’s best to rest so that your body’s resources can be used toward fighting off the illness. The body is drained by this fight. So, to aid the process, try napping under a blanket.

Use an inhaler to help with your cold-

Try to find inhalers that have zinc, vitamin C, and either Echinacea or elderberry extract in them. Nasal and pharyngeal discomfort can be alleviated with the help of aloe. Mint drinks are popular for treating colds, as are oils like peppermint oil, which contain mainly menthol. You can minimise inflammation in your airways by hanging eucalyptus in your shower, where its oils will be released. If your sore throat is brought on by an upper respiratory illness, you may find relief from swallowing one of the several over-the-counter lozenges that contain very low amounts of aspirin.

consume hot liquids-

Some tea leaves, like chamomile, can help relax the uncomfortable irritated membranes that line your nose and throat, and drinking warm drinks can help ease nasal congestion and avoid dehydration. Also, honey, which helps calm coughs and has antibacterial and antiviral qualities, could be added.

We may say that although there are many home cures that might work for you, a tablet to rescue your cold is always easier and best because it is considerably more effective and does not cost a lot.

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