Types of Custom Packaging Boxes: Know Your Options Before Deciding

Custom packaging boxes are a great way to get your products noticed. These custom boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, with the most common being carton boxes or clam shells. If you are considering getting custom packaging for your business, then it is important that you know what kind of options you have available before deciding on anything.

In this blog post, I will discuss different types of custom packaging boxes: custom cartridge boxes, custom cigarette packaging boxes, custom toy packaging boxes, and others. So, keep reading!

What Are Custom Boxes?

Custom boxes are a type of packaging that is customized to fit the product it will be holding. It can also refer to custom cartridge boxes, which hold ammunition and other types of packages for products like guns or knives.

Types of Custom Boxes

There are many different kinds of custom boxes for you to choose between if you decide on this kind of packaging option for your business. The most common ones include:

  • Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes
  • Custom Toy Packaging Boxes
  • Custom Food Boxes
  • Custom Flower Boxes
  • Custom Candy Boxes
  • Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes
  • Clamshells Packaging Boxes
  • Custom Cigarette Packaging Boxes
  • Carton Style Boxes

Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes

These packaging boxes come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are often made specifically for vaping products, which explains the name. These boxes can be used to pack up your custom vape juice bottles.

These boxes are usually made of paperboard or corrugated cardboard. The boxes come in a variety of designs and graphics, making them perfect for branding your vape products.

Custom Toy Packaging Boxes

This type of packaging box can be a lifesaver for toy manufacturers. It’s not always easy to find the perfect product, so it’s important that you have custom options available when designing these boxes!

Custom toy boxes are used for toys and other children’s products and work as containers to store these toys before they’re sold or shipped out. They usually come with lids, and they’re often see-through to allow customers to get a glimpse of what’s inside.

Custom Food Boxes

These boxes are the perfect solution when you need an attractive way to package food products and present them at trade shows or other events!

Food packaging is not just about advertising your product but also maintaining the taste and effectiveness of the food items for the customers. So, this kind of box comes with wooden dividers that allow for more than one food item per compartment- making it great if you want to send someone their favorite snacks within this style packaging option instead of just one!

Custom Flower Boxes

These boxes are not only great for presenting flowers, but they’re also perfect if you want to send someone a gift in the form of some special blooms. These boxes come with dividers that allow for more than one flower stem per compartment- making it easy to give multiple people their own bouquet of flowers without it getting mixed up in transit.

Usually, these kinds of boxes are made with cardboard or corrugated materials that work fine for these flowers, but if you’re sending something that needs to stay cold or fresh, like a fruit basket- this might not be the best option.

Custom Candy Boxes

These boxes are sleek, modern, and unique while also being practical when you’re sending someone a gift of sweet treats. The small compartments make it easy to send out one type or many different varieties of candy- so your recipient can choose what exactly they want! These candy boxes are also great for those who enjoy the ritual of unwrapping their gift.

These boxes are especially popular with bakeries and chocolatiers, but they work well for any type of product that needs a little bit more protection than just an envelope would provide.

Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

These boxes are very popular with makeup companies who want a more alluring way to present their products. They also make for the perfect gift set- you can put different types of lipsticks in each section and stack them up so they look like an elegant tower, or place eye shadows next to one another in rows, so it looks like a rainbow.

These boxes are a great way to protect and present your product, but they are often a little more expensive than some of the other types.

Clamshells Packaging Boxes

These packing containers are vented, which makes them perfect for putting small, breakable items in. They have a top that can be sealed on, and you may also see clamshells with clear lids so the consumer can see what is inside and make a purchase decision before opening it up.

Clamshells are great when you need to pack fragile gifts or delicate items with a lot of small parts.

Custom Cigarette Packaging Boxes

These types of packaging boxes come in different shapes, styles, and sizes, depending on what you’re trying to package up inside them. This is because they were designed with cigarettes in mind but have been expanded to include other types of tobacco products like cigars or chewable nicotine sticks too!

These Custom Cigarette Packaging Boxes help to protect the packed items from the outside elements, and they also provide a great way to display your products. It appeals to the customers, which helps in business promotion.

Carton Style Boxes

These boxes come in many different sizes- from small to large – which make them great for everything from candy to electronics and books.

One reason these custom packaging boxes can be so versatile is that you can purchase them in a variety of colors, and you can also purchase them with windows on the front or back.

Some people might want to use these boxes for a product that’s fragile- like glassware – because it helps protect your goods from damage in transit.


There are many other kinds of customized packages that are available in the market. You will find the design ideas by seeing the pictures online and by seeing the packaging company’s portfolios. If you are also looking forward to purchasing custom boxes, you should contact your packaging supplier and ask him to guide you on the personalization options to make the best boxes for your products.

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