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Triund Trek is easy for newborns and can be seen from the scope of Dhauladhar, and is popular with adventurous lovers. 18 km from Dharamshala, 18 km from Dharamshala, Triund is a quiet and attractive tree. Triund Trek is a very exciting route. It contains steep green rhododendron and an arbitrary variable through the oak forest, but a clear path.

Triund is a quiet and exciting destination for trekking.  Dharamshala is 18 km away from the Dhauladhare range, with a magnificent view that has a variety of high Dhauladhars on one side. All MiWi adventures are popular among lovers, they are really easy for the first-timer.

Triund Trail is exciting very exciting. Triund’s unique attractive beauty is highlighted by the great panorama of the top of dawn and monthly time at different times of the day.

Mclerodganj Triund Tour consists of a path suddenly modulated beyond the lush green forests of Rhodendron and Oak.  Therefore, McLodgan Triund Tour has a soft and precipitated road, through the green trice and oaks. Therefore, there is no way to reach and lose ways to interpose on the path of Triund. We summarize many requests to resolve everything you need to know in this Sanno Sanekking Guide. It’s, so there’s no problem with how to get there and have no problems with how to get lost.


Gaggal Airport is about 13 kilometers from Dharamshala and Trudi around Triud.  The nearest train station is about 85 km from Pathankot and Dharamshala. After arriving at the airport and the station, you can book a car or enter a bus to Duramuhara.

 Visit the Triud

to visit Triud

to be able to visit three times, except January and February for heavy snow. March and April are a fresh and comfortable climate and the best time to go to Sanno for a clear sky. The climate is cooler, except for January and February. Except for January and February, a trip is available all year round. During this month, heavy snow cuts some parts of the hiking course. For its cozy comfortable climate and clear landscape, the best time to visit Triund is from March to June. With the exception of fresh winter months throughout the year, the Triund climate is fresh and comfortable.

 Trek Trek Trek

Dharamshala or Mcleodganj A Triund Trek

After breakfast, it is recommended to take approximately 4 hours of travel from Dharamshala.  You can have lunch in some restaurants through Bugsnag’s Bag Snag Oak and Rodendon Forest. Enjoy the views of Dhauladhar and Kangra Valley, you can have a fireplace that was born after sunset and dinner in sunlight after sunset. It takes approximately 4 hours from Dharamshala. So after breakfast, it is recommended to start. The ascent of Bhagsu Nag crosses the oak forest and Rodedron.  Lunch on the road in some restaurants.

Sultan discovered the ranges of Dhauladhar and Kangra Valley. After sunset, he eats under the starry sky and enjoys the sandwiches. I uploaded Khartoum, I left Bhagsu Village after breakfast. You can start at Khabrotu. This view can see the wonderful views of Lake Glacier, and the top of Dhauladhar is covered with snow.  You can download and go down and down at the middle center, have lunch, take another route and walk to the village of Bugs. Discover the best waterfall of the village of Bhagsu. A walk ends in an insect town.

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Triund promises to give him the opportunity to enjoy his panorama, food, sweet and so far. Even if you have stress, it is a place where you help.  Triund Trek is a very exciting route. It contains steep green rhododendron and an arbitrary variable through the oak forest, but a clear path.

There is a sudden climbing, which can be covered amateur. And because there is almost no distance between Mclerodganj and Triund, it is not very tiring. The first 5 km of Triund Trail are easy and not overwhelming. In addition to that, Triund Walking Trail is a sudden and solid walk. 22 sharp curves on the road are generally known as 22 curves.

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