How To Draw A Whale In A Realistic And Animated Style

How to draw a whale

How to draw a whale – the largest animal on earth, weighing up to one hundred and fifty tons, length – thirty-three yards! Although whales and live next to fish, it refers to a mammal. Its shape, it looks like a great giant, gigantic submarine. Sailors from time immemorial considered him to be the embodiment of infidelity. According to ancient sources, the whale symbolizes new life, transformation. In the Old Testament, Jonah was eaten by animals, but after three days vomited back. Let’s see how to draw a stage whale.


Simple pencils spend slightly sloping smooth straight lines. In its upper part “separate” end with a rounded letter V – tail fin is the future. Do not click on the pencil so the original contour can easily adjust. The lower part of the mainline basting heads creates animals’ two straight lines directed towards the tail. We will keep track of the dimensions that the whale is not ugly or fat incredibly swim. In the middle of the mainline, outline side fins depict a soft triangle. Then, remove the eraser all auxiliary lines. The animal body is ready.


How to draw a whale to perform it look like it lives? We represent the long eye of the head, within which we note the eyeball. Two rounded triangles draw a giant tail. At the tip of the gun, the animal will make a recess for the mouth. Whales feed on tiny plankton, first swallowing water that passes through special filters – whalebone. The upper jaw whale arranged horn plates. Prorisuem their short vertical strokes in the mouth. Under the lateral fins, draw the abdominal line and make it strips line cavity vertically.


Sure the lines do whale circuit, and we can start coloring the picture. The abdomen can be left white and the paint applied to the fins and back of the animal. Paint is for wet sides gleaming whale reflected light. How to draw a pencil whale? You can only hatch intended for this part, accentuating light and shadow if our whale floated on the surface of the ocean to collect in the lungs of air. It could draw 3d drawing. He allows a spring of water from memorable holes in the back. And there is nothing simpler than to draw a whale in the depths of the ocean. It is necessary to calibrate the background of a dark and dense near the bottom to the growing brighter closer to the surface.


Sometimes you want to create is not accurate, and the cartoon image of the giant sea. How to draw a whale in animation style? The lines will be very easier, but you can “play” with the intention. Based on a square and closely contiguous large triangle depicting whale body, three small triangles draw the tail and side fins. Seamlessly connect the lines to the silhouette of the heroes. The abdomen is separated from the bottom horizontal line of lean to the sixth towering body volume, round the end up slightly. We get an excellent smile character. Dorsum belly fins to the bottom line and starts work on the expression of the “face” of our animated hero. It will not be challenging to play his role if we know how to draw a whale realistically. On the face denote pencil large round eyes with black pupils – a breathing hole at the top. When coloring, use shades of blue. Back fins and paint the dark blue tone, and indeed – pale blue. Zatoniruem is drawing dark gray strokes.

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