COVID-19 Challenges: How to Get Motivated To Do Assignments?

No one can deny the gruesome impact of COVID19 on humans around the globe. With a staggering number of 200 million cases worldwide, this virus just doesn’t seem to stop. The education sector has been gravely impacted by this unanticipated catastrophe. No student could have ever imagined that they won’t be able to go to school for a whole year! This shift in education has eventually become the reason for many students to lose their motivation to learn . And to be honest, they are not the ones to be blamed if you look around yourself and see the situation we are living in today.

If you are a student who is also struggling with your school work and assignments because of a lack of motivation then this post is tailored just for you.

How to motivate yourself to Do Assignments?

See, assignments are not a student’s most favorite thing to do, be it during the pandemic or even before it, assignments are generally considered as nothing less than a burden. However, certain ways could help you motivate yourself to do assignments.

Setting a Routine Helps:

As redundant as this suggestion may sound, setting up a proper routine does wonders. It might be very difficult to adhere to it in the first few days but once you get the hang of it you will eventually realize how beneficial it is. You should allot a certain time for every activity, this way you will not feel like assignments and studies are taking all of your time.

Stay Connected, Stay Motivated:

It is difficult to stay connected when you are restricted to the four walls of your bedroom. It takes a toll on one’s motivation especially if you are a social animal. This inadvertently affects your will to give time to your school work and assignments. And it is okay. Try to stay connected with your close ones virtually. This will not only uplift your mood but also make you want to study as you get into a better headspace.

Incentives are The Best!

We are humans and we love getting rewarded. Use this to your benefit and set certain incentives for every time you achieve some work. To do this, you must first set a goal that you must achieve every day. If you are writing a lengthy assignment and you get done with the goal that you set for that day, treat yourself. Incentives can be anything that you like; games, food, ice cream, TV shows, etc.

Reach Out to Your Teachers:

Reaching out to your professors and teachers when you are struggling with your assignment is the best thing that you can do. It might feel like you are going out of your way but you are not. When you stay connected with your teachers, you receive the help and motivation you could not have received from a fellow student.

Find a Study Partner:

Whenever you sit down to do your assignment and you feel too demotivated to do it then just find a study partner! Having someone else working with you will put a sense of responsibility on you. You will start working even at times when you are lazy because you have someone else studying with you. A little competition might also help; you might think “if they can do it, why can’t I?”

Cut All the Unnecessary Info:

You know that with COVID19 doing rounds, the opening and closure of academic institutes is something that keeps happening. Students tend to surf the internet for hours and sometimes devote too much time. This results in them shifting their focus on something unimportant because most of the news that keeps coming is fake and unreliable. Follow this instead; choose one particular authentic source that you refer to every time you want an update. This will keep you focused on the work you are doing.

These Tips Can Do Wonders:

  • Begin with those assignments or those portions of an assignment that intrigue you the most. When you start with something you are truly interested in and ones that are important.
  • Try inducing in yourself a sense of excitement regarding the subject of your assignment. For instance, if you are to write about Shakespeare, take it as an opportunity to indulge in the rich collection of literature he bestowed on us.
  • Last but not least and it has already been mentioned above; try finding someone who is working on the same assignment. You can help each other throughout.

Take a Step Back When it gets too much!

Sometimes, the internet can be to you what Genie was to Aladdin. At times when you are too exhausted, taking some rest is not too bad. But not when you have an assignment due. The best place to refer to in this situation is, you guessed it; the internet. You can easily buy assignment online if you are in a situation where you can’t do them.

You can also find the best assignment writing service UK based on the internet if you search for it. Ordering from a reliable website is the best choice as it means that the quality of your work will remain unhampered. They also timely deliver your assignment so you would not have to worry about being left behind.

Final Words:

At the end of the way, you should know that motivation is something that comes from within. However, your surrounding environment may let you lose that last shred of motivation you had but you should never stop. See an assignment as a responsibility but also as an opportunity to learn. Read through this post and put into application those pointers that you may find helpful. Until then, preserve your mental health, these are tough times indeed and you are doing great. Stay happy and stay motivated to learn, this way you’ll never feel burdened.

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