12 Best Designer Smartwatches You Can Buy

Nowadays, the functionality of a watch is not restricted to looking at the time. Today, a smartwatch is more than just a watch. It is a fitness guide, an assistant, a keeper, a phone, and much more. So, if you are willing to try out the best smartwatch available in the market right now, how can you ignore the WatchOut smartwatch? The functionality and versatility of the Watchout smartwatch are beyond comparison. However, if you want more options, we have more for you.


Let us slip right into the world of smartwatches and find the best smartwatch for you. Obviously, we will tell you about the designer stuff as your arm candy.

  • Watch out Elegant Gen2 Jazz Metallica Smartwatch 

    A chic and elegant looking arm candy for you. The functionalities are diverse: it comes with a heart rate monitoring system, health and fitness tracker, luxurious stainless steel strap, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. This WatchOut smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOs. Planning to go on a hiking trip? Make this one your partner. You can take selfies with this one, and music control will only make your hiking trip memorable. It is a feature-packed smartwatch and is the best smartwatch in the market right now.

  • Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch:

    When excellence meets perfection, something extraordinary happens, and the great is the Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch. The innovative technology helps you call, track activity, GPS tracking, text, set reminders, and do a lot more with just one small smartwatch. Get this best smartwatch today with a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card and unlock astonishing surprises.


  • Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS smartwatch:

    The name, Garmin, speaks for itself. We all know that the best smartwatch comes out from the house of Garmin. It is known for its heart rate technology that comes in handy to measure the pulse rate round the clock. Furthermore, the touch screen helps you to track your activities easily with just one touch. You can connect to social media, call anybody, control music, send text messages, and do a lot more with this wow smartwatch.


  • Asus Zen Watch 3:

    When it comes to style and design, Asus holds the first position; this hell of a stylish best smartwatch can do anything for you. Want to know the weather update? Or, want to call a friend? Or text your boss? Anything is possible with this elegant piece.


  • WatchOut Mad Gaze:

    Want to know what this watch can do for you that none other can do? This WatchOut smartwatch comes with gesture-controlled, and 4G IoT enabled features. It has bone conduction technology, a unique feature that you will get only in this best smartwatch. The WatchOut smartwatch supports voice recognition technology and has all the features that you can think of in a smartwatch, probably more.


  • Motorola Moto 360 sport:

    A sexy workout partner for you from the house of Motorola. The device will track your heart rate, has an in-built GPS tracking system to measure the distance you have covered, it measures the pace at which you workout; this is not all; it can work beyond tracking your daily workout regime. The best smartwatch will read your emails for you, your texts, check the traffic condition for you, and more.


  • LG Watch Sport:

    This drop-dead gorgeous looking smartwatch is not just your workout partner but also a party partner. The multitasking best smartwatch comes loaded with features. Android Wear 2.0 can connect to messenger, Android Pay, Google Fit, Smart Reply, Google Assistant, and Google Maps.

  • Apple watch series 4:

    There’s nothing much to say about Apple devices apart from the fact that they are class apart. The best smartwatch has a built-in GPS that helps you record appropriate workout data. With this best smartwatch tied around your wrist, you can quickly go walking, running, or cycling without having to carry your phone.


  • Fossil Q Crewmaster:

    Aesthetics and ace functionality, now you can reap the benefits of all features of this best smartwatch. However, this beautiful smartwatch is battery powered. Hence, you can use it round the clock without having to charge it. Click a selfie or track your activities. This best smartwatch will not fail to astound you with its excellent features.


  • Noise ColoFit Pro 3:

    Wear this best smartwatch to enhance the beauty of your already beautiful arms. It is available in bright colours and serves the purpose of a smartwatch pretty well. In addition, you can now have a health analysis report with this ideal smartwatch.


  • Gionee STYLFIT GSW8:

    Convenience around your wrist; what else do you need? This best smartwatchhas a Bluetooth calling feature, a built-in mic, an HR monitor, internal storage, various sport modes, a touch screen, and more. It is a smartwatch that you need to make life easy.


  • Ticwatch 2 smartwatch:

    No more phone business because now you have the best smartwatch at your disposal, which caters to all your needs. Why use a phone when you can have all the features of a phone in the best smartwatch? You can even call an uber via this best smartwatch, wow isn’t it?

Make life beautiful with the watchOut smartwatch and the best smartwatch mentioned above, and thank us later for suggesting some of the fantastic best smartwatch you can think of.

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